About JITO Angel Network (JAN)

What is Angel Investing?

Angel investors are usually experienced entrepreneurs or individuals who themselves have been through the same phase and the ones who understand what it takes to create a billion dollar company out of an Idea. They invest in start-ups and early stage companies using a high-risk, high-return matrix. The majority of start-ups fail within the first five years of their operations. This makes the job of an angel investor even more valuable. Apart from investing funds, most angels provide practical advice, industry connections, and mentoring to founders. The goal is to create great companies by providing value creation, while at the same time helping investors realize a high return on investment.With handsome amounts of money in their pockets and a will to trust others with their finances, these ‘Angels’ step in and provide the initial support and sometimes mentorship that helps start-ups successfully take over these crucial and challenging times.

Most angel investors are current or retired executives, business owners or high net worth individuals who have the knowledge, experience, connections and funds that help start-ups match up to industry standards. More than the funds, it is the guidance and mentorship of the angels that helps a start-up in its early days.


Collaborations with Institutes, Angel Networks and other Incubators like -

IIT Delhi

IIM Ahmedabad

Mumbai Angels


Subscription fees for JITO ANGEL NETWORK OF jiif (Plus applicable taxes):

Annual Rs. 50000
3 Years Rs. 100000
Annual fees for foreign members USD 1500

Q1. Who are Angel Investors?

  • Entrepreneurs who invest in early stage startups for a stake in the company
  • Understand how an idea can turn into a Billion Dollar company
  • Mentor companies in their early stages

Q2. How do I become a member of JITO Angel Network of JIIF?

Every JITO Member is eligible to become a member of JAN by –

  • Filling the membership registration form
  • Payment of fees and
  • Register yourself on https://jito.org/register-jiif-jan for forms and other details. Note: Non-JITO members have to become JITO members to enroll for JIIF.

Q3. How much money do the members typically invest in companies?

Members can invest as low as Rs. 5 lacs in a certain deal. Mostly, total investment size would be Rs.50 lakhs-5 Crores but the members may invest more or less depending on the funding requirements of the company and the interest of the members. If the investment size is larger, JAN may syndicate the investment with other investor groups.

Q4. Can members refer deals to JAN?

Yes definitely; in fact it is one of the primary sources of deal flow and members are encouraged to refer deals that they find attractive to the Network.

Q5. In case of multiple investors, how will communication be managed with Investee Company?

A Deal Lead will be nominated for all interactions and decisions on behalf of all Investors in a given startup and he will be authorized to represent the group for all practical purposes. A Deal Lead would usually be the investor who has a significant stake in the startup, required expertise to guide and mentor and is willing to invest time for the success of the startup.

Q6. Will JIIF help control & track performance post the investment is made?

Yes, Post Investment committee and JIIF Secretariat will help track the performance periodically and provide quality inputs for informed decisions at every step.